Diabetic Clinics are held at the practice every week. The clinics are held for Annual Reviews and follow up reviews.

Diabetic patients can call the practice and request a telephone consultation for advice on Diabetes related problems.

The Diabetes Team at the Practice have put together some online resources to help adult patients with diabetes with self-care at home. If you are pregnant and have diabetes or have a child with diabetes, you must contact your specialist hospital diabetes team for advice.



Staying at home with Diabetes:

These leaflets will give diabetes patients essential information on what to do when they are ill.


Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG)

Only if on certain medicines or if instructed by the diabetes team


Home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM)

If you already have a blood pressure machine at home or have been asked to monitor your blood pressure by purchasing a blood pressure machine


Further Information


Information specific to patients with Type 1 diabetes


Information specific to patients with Type 2 diabetes