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Woodgrange Medical Practice has a successful Patient Participation Group (PPG) running since July 2011.  Patient input is crucial to the development of our Practice services and the future of the NHS as a whole, and we welcome Patients from all ages and backgrounds to join our PPG.

Together with our PPG we aim to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services we provide and ensure that Patient voice is heard and influence the service delivery of our Practice.

Our PPG meets every quarterly to discuss current issues and we welcome new members to join our team.  We always ensure that we have a Partner of the Practice and a member of the Management team present at the meeting.

PPG Details

  • PPG set up: 2011
  • PPG Chair: Caroline Brown
  • Secretary: TBC
  • Number of members in the PPG: 9

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Previous Meeting Minutes

Notes of PPG meeting held on 23rd September 2021 at the Woodgrange Medical Practice


  • Caroline Brown
  • Lorraine Francis
  • Gwen Raharja
  • May Ling
  • Dr Muhammad Naqvi (Partner)
  • Darshan Kaur (Manager)
  • Nasima Patel (Secretary)

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Jennifer Sheikh, Stacia Whyte, Pauline St Leger

2. Main Agenda
Darshan Kaur (DK) opened the meeting extending a welcome to all our new member May Ling.

3. Minutes of the last meeting
These were accepted as an accurate record.

4.1 PPG Business
Caroline Brown (CB) was elected as the new chair of the PPG. Having previously held the role of secretary it was agreed that election of the role of secretary would be discussed at the next  meeting.

4.2 Covid Vaccine Update
Dr Naqvi outlined that current situation at the practice regarding Covid vaccinations. He confirmed that 20,000 vaccinations had been delivered to date with daily collections of the Pfizer  vaccines taking place.

The majority of the over 80 age group registered with the practice have been vaccinated. However, Dr Naqvi stated that the under 40s were proving difficult to reach.

Dr Naqvi confirmed that WMP had applied to be a main vaccination site, there would be 4 new main sites together with 30 local pharmacies in Newham. WMP can administer around 200  vaccines a day as well as continuing with the annual flu campaign.

Dr Naqvi reiterated that the Covid-19 pandemic was still around although the main risk is for those who are not vaccinated i.e. currently 43 people hospitalised in Newham, none of whom  have been vaccinated.

4.3 The Guardian article – Patient complaints and abusive patients 
Dr Naqvi summarised the content of the article, however a number of people hadn’t read the full article and Nasima agreed to resend this to everyone.

Dr Naqvi confirmed that the practice were currently seeing the majority of patient appointments face to face and patients can telephone or walk in to book. He confirmed that this was not the same situation in other practices.

Current figures for the Practice include:-

  • 3000 hits on-line Woodgrange Medical Practice – Patient Participation Group
  • 1000 – 1250 online consults

This is twice the number than pre-Covid.

In order to manage with the increased numbers, additional staff had been recruited to enable extra sessions. There are currently 43 members of staff working at WMP.

Dr Naqvi explained that the increase with a narrative of GP abuse has increased, many patients are not happy if they don’t receive the help they feel they need or want. Reception staff often receive the brunt of the complaints. Complaints have increased with the theme being mainly attitude and access, wait times etc. 

In addition, WMP have organised self defence and conflict training for staff, raising concerns over hospital waits with the acutes, salaries/bonuses etc. However, with rising complaints staff morale was low.

There was a detailed discussion on how the PPG could further support the Practice, ideas such as further training, and access to wider NHS support for staff. 

May mentioned that she had had a challenging 18 months during Covid, she explained how helpful she had found reflective listening circles. It was agreed that this might be helpful to staff in the Practice.

5. Any other business

6. Date of the next meeting: 
Thursday 20th January 2022 at 18:00, at WMP – Dr S J Parmar

If you require any previous meeting minutes, please contact the surgery