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Woodgrange Medical Practice has a successful Patient Participation Group (PPG) running since July 2011.  Patient input is crucial to the development of our Practice services and the future of the NHS as a whole, and we welcome Patients from all ages and backgrounds to join our PPG.

Together with our PPG we aim to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services we provide and ensure that Patient voice is heard and influence the service delivery of our Practice.

Our PPG meets every quarterly to discuss current issues and we welcome new members to join our team.  We always ensure that we have a Partner of the Practice and a member of the Management team present at the meeting.

PPG Details

  • PPG set up: 2011
  • PPG Chair: Caroline Brown
  • Secretary: TBC
  • Number of members in the PPG: 9

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Previous Meeting Minutes

Notes of PPG meeting held on 20th March 2023 at the Woodgrange Medical Practice


  • Caroline Brown (Chair), Mayling, Pauline St.Leger (Minute taker) John Plant, Angela Bannister, Jennifer Sheik, Munira Patel Dr Naqvi (GP Partner Woodgrange Medical Practice) Rahan Miah (Deputy  Practice Manager Woodgrange Medical Practice.)

At the start of the meeting Dr Naqvi reported his clinical and community roles.

Clinical Lead Primary Care, NEL.
GP training
Trustee of food Charity.
Clubs for young people
Equality and Diversity.

Dr Naqvi suggested looking at the Practice website for further information and data.

Dr Naqvi went on to describe the present information concerning the service.

At present 14000 patients are funded however there are, at present, 16.000 registered. There are new housing developments in the area and further number of patients registered.

May asked how will these be accommodated if there is already underfunding Dr Naqvi reported that there will be 2 new salaried GP’s who trained at WMP, there will also be a new  Pharmacist however the funding will not change and there may be a 17.000-18.000 patient list. A pressing issue is staff sickness. There are 1,500patients per GP. Telephone response time should be 48 hours. Telephone appointments are offered.

We recently had a mock CQC inspection which was attended by Pauline and Caroline. 

The mock CQC Inspection showed a lot of change since 2017 (the last rating). The CQC has a new inspection regime which is presently in transition.

There is on the website CQC citizen tools, to work smarter and make assessments fluid.

One area noted was infection control and risk assessment for hazardous substances. There will be an ongoing risk assessment.

The surgeries are ranked on a scale showing outcomes of the Inspection and remediations in place.

High: Follow up
Medium: Contact
Low: A monthly statement

The CQC report is on the online portal showing the qualities assessed and outcomes. There is information on equality and diversity and support data.

There are statements from patients.

Quality statements.

What processes are in place for patients (refer to the policy on working with patients).

John.   Suggested there should be changes to the policy on hazardous substances and infection control such as a stated cleaning regime and a monthly infection control audit.

Munira. There should be a recognition of the patient experience and they should be involved in the agenda. There should be recognition of equality and diversity with appropriate staff training.

It was agreed that there should be a safe service with a safe surgeries protocol. Patient information should reflect languages and ethnicity.

Training staff at reception is important with an emphasis on customer service.

Dr Naqvi emphasized that there should be clinical value over monetary value. There are presently no outstanding referrals. There has been a GP patient survey where Woodgrange Medical Practice performed better than the rest of Newham.

There is a PPG week in June, at the meeting health promotion was discussed with new leaflets developed for the event.

Dr Naqvi reported that there will be a new Covid roll out for those over75 years and the immune suppressed. There is a new vaccine Sanofi? Information on the programme and vaccine will be available in Braille and video. There has been a good uptake at the surgery the uptake by children 5-11years is the best in London.

There is a chance of Polio in Newham than in any other Borough. There will be screening with a target of 80-95%.There is also a BCG programme in Newham as it is a priority borough.

There is a focus group looking at long term conditions with a multi-disciplinary team.

Further business. The group has discussed the need for an up dated Terms of Reference to be followed up by Caroline and Rahan with contributions from the group. A draft will be sent to the members and finalized at the next meeting.

Date of next meeting. 30th or 31st May to be decided by numbers who can attend.

Pauline St. Leger (minute taker)


If you require any previous meeting minutes, please contact the surgery