Administration FAQ

I used to have an NHS Medical Card; can I get a replacement from your Practice please?

Medical cards are no longer issued in England. If you still have one it may have an old-style NHS Number made-up of both letters and numbers.

However, in recent years this has been replaced for all patients with an NHS Number made containing only numbers.

The first time you register with our Practice you will receive our GP registration letter which will include your NHS number. If you can’t find it, please contact the Practice who can provide you with your NHS number upon confirmation of your identity.

Can I obtain a ‘Blue Badge’ at the surgery?

No. To apply for a Blue Badge, patients are required to complete the Blue Badge application form on the government website.

For questions about the Blue Badge scheme, contact your local council or the initial enquiry support service.

Blue Badge initial enquiry support service email address:

  • Telephone (England): 0343 100 1000
  • Telephone (Scotland): 0343 100 1001
  • Telephone (Wales): 0343 100 1002

I’d like a Doctor to help me with my naturalisation form; may I have an appointment for this please?

Clinicians do not complete these forms for you.

The reason being, the counter signatory has to know the applicant personally. For more information about naturalisation, please visit the UK government website. Guidance Notes or the Requirements Booklet can be found on this website.

I would like the Doctor to sign my Passport form please; can I have an appointment?

Doctors do not sign these forms.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I have a form that requires a GP’s input; how do I arrange this?

Please visit the surgery with the relevant document so that we may review it; our Receptionist will process the document according to our protocol.

Fees vary and will be charged based on the actions required; you will be informed of the fee within a week. If you wish to proceed and provide your consent, your paperwork will be completed within an additional 10 working days.

Please note that this constitutes additional administration for our Doctors which is why we advise patients of a 2 week turnaround time. Please make allowances regarding your schedule with regards to your deadline for submission.

For more information please visit the Private Services page or visit our Practice reception desk.

Please visit or call the Practice if you have further questions.

I would like a copy of my medical records please, what do I do?

Please notify us in advance if you require copies of your medical records.

We offer two methods for obtaining these:

  • Data provided on a CD - fee usually £10.00
  • Data provided as photocopies - fee £50.00

*Please note: Fees may vary depending on the extent of your medical history*

Once you have provided consent and payment we will begin the collation of your records and you will receive a copy of your medical records after 10 working days.

Please note that you will be required to specify your reasons for the request on a Medical Records Request Form including whether you require full or partial details of your records.

Viewing your records online – free service

If you wish to view your records online, this can be done by accessing the Patient Access website; no fee applies for this service. However, if you have not already registered with Patient Access you will have to visit our Practice Reception desk to obtain your unique PIN; complete your registration with your PIN on the Patient Access website. Please note that you can only use this service for your own use.

Please visit the Private Services page or call the Practice if you have further questions.

How do I access my medical records online?

To access your medical records online, you will be required to register for the Patient Access service if you have not done so already.

If you wish to register, please visit the Practice Reception desk to obtain your unique PIN number. Once you have this, complete your registration using the Patient Access website

Please note that you can only use this service for your own use