Home Visits

Requesting a home visit

Please be aware that our GPs will always call to assess the home visit request first.

The role of the General Practitioner is ever changing and as a result the Doctor works a full and busy day dealing with the many varied aspects towards providing an efficient delivery of healthcare to you. In order to achieve these goals we provide medical care, which is ideally based at our Surgery and home visits are for genuine medical reasons only.

  • If you are totally incapacitated and unable to get to the Surgery for medical reasons then please contact us before 10:00am if possible.
  • If you are able to come to the Surgery then please do so, as the treatment can start immediately.

We very much appreciate your help in this matter as unnecessary visits are disruptive and waste the Doctor’s time, which can be better made use of at the Surgery. However, if in doubt please telephone for advice in this matter, as there are many situations where a telephone consultation may save you time for your particular health need